CompTIA Strata - Kun 2 dage

Her er 4 gode grunde til at du skal tage Strata hos Firebrand Training:

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  1. Du bliver Strata uddannet og certificeret hurtigere. Du lærer mere på vores 2 dages accelererede kursus og får mindst 12 timers daglig uddannelse i et distraktionsfrit miljø.
  2. Dit Strata kursus er alt-inklusiv. Du får en gennemskuelig pris, der dækker alle kursusmaterialer, eksamen, overnatning og forplejning. Du skal ikke tænke på andet end at lære.
  3. Bestå Strata den første gang eller kom tilbage, gratis. Din instruktør er ekspert, og træner dig ud fra accelererede metoder, så du lærer hurtigere og har de bedste muligheder for at bestå eksamen første gang. Men hvis du mod forventning ikke består, er du dækket af vores Certificeringsgaranti.
  4. Tag Strata hos en prisvindende uddannelsesleverandør. Vi har vundet adskillige udmærkelser heriblandt Microsofts "Årets Learning Partner" hele fire gange i træk og to Børsen Gazelle priser. Firebrand er din hurtigste vej til uddannelse, og vi har sparet 54.268 deltagere for mere end en million spildte timer siden 2001.

Er du klar til kurset? Tag en GRATIS test som hjælper dig med at bedømme din nuværende viden.

Hvornår vil du tage dit accelererede kursus?






23/2/2015 (Mandag)

24/2/2015 (Tirsdag)




29/6/2015 (Mandag)

30/6/2015 (Tirsdag)




10/8/2015 (Mandag)

11/8/2015 (Tirsdag)

Begrænsede pladser



21/9/2015 (Mandag)

22/9/2015 (Tirsdag)

Tilgængelige pladser



2/11/2015 (Mandag)

3/11/2015 (Tirsdag)

Tilgængelige pladser



14/12/2015 (Mandag)

15/12/2015 (Tirsdag)

Tilgængelige pladser



Vi har uddannet over 54.268 personer i løbet af 12 år. Vi har bedt dem alle om at bedømme vores accelererede kurser. Aktuelt har 96,38% sagt, at Firebrand oversteg deres forventninger:

"Intense, good and exiting"
Kasper Freisleben Petersen , KMD. - CompTIA Network+ (3 dage) (17/11/2014 til 19/11/2014)

"Very good teaching environment and very helpfull and serviceminded staff"
Yngvar Ånes , Elektroniske Betalings Systemer AS. - CompTIA Network+ (3 dage) (17/11/2014 til 19/11/2014)

"good learning experience"
Arne Haakon Jacobsen , Jotron A/S. - CompTIA Network+ (3 dage) (23/4/2014 til 25/4/2014)

Anonym, Jotron A/S - CompTIA Network+ (3 dage) (23/4/2014 til 25/4/2014)

"Professional, good location and great concept."
Anonym - CompTIA Network+ (3 dage) (23/4/2014 til 25/4/2014)

"I learned more in 3 days, than I would normally do in several months self studying. The instructor was highly competent and very good at explaining complex concepts for everyone to understand."
M.B.B. - CompTIA Network+ (3 dage) (18/11/2013 til 20/11/2013)

"Get ready for fast hard training, all day every day. This course put me through 625 pages of technical data in 3 days of studies + 1 day of exams. Four days in Im CompTia A+ Certified and hungry for more. This is exhausting and effective - and fun! "
Tom Bullgaard , Marel. - CompTIA A+ (4 dage) (5/11/2012 til 8/11/2012)

"Quietly environment, Great teacher, Good food & Just study. Stay Sharp"
K.L.K, ServiceGruppen. - CompTIA A+ (4 dage) (2/5/2011 til 5/5/2011)

"The teacher was very good. The accommodation and the food was good. Good course material. "
Stefan Månsson, Fujitsu Sweden. - CompTIA Server+ (3 dage) (25/3/2011 til 27/3/2011)

"Without a doubt a very effective way of learning, I will recommed this way of learning and getting certified to my colleagues and I will not hesitate to enroll my staff either."
Peter Therkildsen, Cyens. - CompTIA Network+ (3 dage) (5/2/2010 til 7/2/2010)

"It was a very pleasant stay :-)"
Søren Fischer, Rigshospitalet. - CompTIA A+ (4 dage) (1/2/2010 til 4/2/2010)

"It was a good place to study CompTIA A+, good food and the personnel was super."
Peter Hogstedt, Unemployed. - CompTIA A+ (4 dage) (23/11/2009 til 26/11/2009)

"The best course I've ever been on. Even though it was tough, we had a good time and the instructor knew everything. I strongly recommend this course."
Mickey Larsen, Rigshospitalet. - CompTIA A+ (4 dage) (23/11/2009 til 26/11/2009)

"Passed my A+ with bags of career advice. For me at 19 it is amazing! The Training Centre Manager and the Firebrand instructor were superb and all staff on desk helped me with worries too."
Joshua Tye, Ormistan Support/Etec. - CompTIA A+ (4 dage) (27/4/2015 til 30/4/2015)

"The instructor was an enthusiastic and friendly tutor, who managed to break down the long days and copious coursework into manageable chunks. The staff were very friendly and helpful. Tough course, but a lot of support provided, definitely will come back."
Harry Evans, Colette Associates Ltd.. - CompTIA A+ (4 dage) (27/4/2015 til 30/4/2015)

"Its an amazing way of learning, fast and fun! We had the amazing instructor techniques which was a fantastic and unforgettable experience!"
Kat Grimshaw, Sentinel Housing Association. - CompTIA A+ (4 dage) (27/4/2015 til 30/4/2015)

"Prior to the LPIC course I had very limited knowledge on the subject and was therefore, quite anxious about starting with a bootcamp. This however, was short lived as the training I received from the instructor was clear, concise, aimed at my level and therefore easy to understand. This will enable me to perform my daily job better and have the confidence to build on the course. In addition, the trainer made the course interesting, fun and a joy to be a part of. There is nothing more refreshing than being taught a subject from someone who has such enthusiasm and passion to which the instructor has bundles of."
Robert Ross, MOD - Hereford Garrison. - CompTIA Linux+ Powered by LPI (Level 1) (6 dage) (13/4/2015 til 18/4/2015)

"Firebrand is an excelent learning environment that builds you up for success. Having a boot camp that caters to learning, accommodation, food and internet takes the emphasis from the student so that I can concentrate on the subject in order to pass. The instructor was amazing with an excellent approach to learning and teaching. She is so knowledgeable and backs that up with good instruction and an approachable personality."
Keith Baker, MOD - Hereford Garrison. - CompTIA Linux+ Powered by LPI (Level 1) (6 dage) (13/4/2015 til 18/4/2015)

"2nd time round & still providing a great experience. A joy to be a part of & looking forward to next time."
David McLearyJones, Nubix. - CompTIA Network+ (3 dage) (7/4/2015 til 9/4/2015)

"Loads of energy, loads of motivation. Great back room staff for Pearson issues."
Julian Fargher, MetLife. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (30/3/2015 til 1/4/2015)

"Instructor did an excellent job of presenting the material in a way that tied all of the details together."
Jeff Gamberton. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (30/3/2015 til 1/4/2015)

"Very intense - brain hurts after 2 day abuse!"
Tim Imana, IACS LLP. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (30/3/2015 til 1/4/2015)

"Very knowledgeable instructors. Perfect environment to learn without interruption."
James McEwen, Daily Internet Services. - CompTIA Network+ (3 dage) (6/3/2015 til 8/3/2015)

"The instruction and support given by the instructor was top rate, very many thanks. Thanks also to the training centre manager and his team."
Martin Smyth, Defence Equipment and Support, Lunx Proj. - CompTIA Network+ (3 dage) (6/3/2015 til 8/3/2015)

"A great place to study with great support from instructors and staff alike."
Martin Smyth, MOD. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (2/3/2015 til 8/3/2015)

"I needed to quickly and efficiently recertify my A+ qualification. Firebrand provided an excellent mean to achieve this."
Adrian Coughlan, USAF. - CompTIA A+ (4 dage) (2/3/2015 til 5/3/2015)

"Well structured class and revision."
Rumi Khaira, Bank of England. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (2/2/2015 til 4/2/2015)

"Great training facilities and food! Be prepared to put the work in as intense learning and information overload!"
Jamie Mayes, G4S Forensic and Medical Services. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (2/2/2015 til 4/2/2015)

"As a young adult entering the would of IT this course has provided me with a very strong foundation to build on. I would recommend this course to anyone in a similar situation"
Thomas Leigh, Self Funded. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (12/1/2015 til 18/1/2015)

"Its not easy but it is amazingly rewarding! Instructor was brilliant and incredibly knowledgeable."
Nicole Keeley, Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (12/1/2015 til 18/1/2015)

"Excellent all round, will be back to learn more in the future. Thank you."
Anonym - CompTIA Network+ (3 dage) (16/1/2015 til 18/1/2015)

"The training was fast and furious! The instructor was infectious, but you need to remain focused."
Roy Jameson, MOD - RAF Air Command. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (8/12/2014 til 14/12/2014)

"A perfect 3 day class to enter the world of IT security."
Benjamin Kornhauser, BP. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (26/11/2014 til 28/11/2014)

"Great staff! Great complex! You have should study hard before you come. Don't expect to pass without effort. They don't hand out answers!"
Paul Geddes, manx telecom. - CompTIA A+ (4 dage) (27/10/2014 til 30/10/2014)

"Fun, fast, intense, but worth it!"
Chris Clark, Prospects Services. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (22/9/2014 til 24/9/2014)

"This was my 3rd security and business continuity through Firebrand. CISM, CBCI, and CompTIA Sec+ were all taught by a different instructor. They were consistent in their high quality and able to keep it interesting."
Chris Whyborn, Telent. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (22/9/2014 til 24/9/2014)

"Helped me focus and had the support of Firebrand trainer on hand to help me whenever it was needed."
Robert Panton, N/A. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (18/8/2014 til 24/8/2014)

"Great learning experience - Tutor was thorough, patient and enjoyable."
David McLeary Jones, NUBIX. - CompTIA Network+ (3 dage) (22/8/2014 til 24/8/2014)

"Great instructors with a lot of know-how in the field. "
D.V, Blue Vision Telecom. - CompTIA Network+ (3 dage) (22/8/2014 til 24/8/2014)

"A brilliant course. The instructors are great."
Nicholas Minifie, Mini Solutions Ltd. - CompTIA A+ (4 dage) (30/6/2014 til 3/7/2014)

"The whole experience has been great, The instructor was fantastic and the course was pitched at the right level for me."
Thomas Whitmarsh, Self Supporting. - CompTIA A+ (4 dage) (30/6/2014 til 3/7/2014)

"After failing an exam midweek I was feeling the pressure of the hard schedule but with the guidance of my instructor I was able to focus on my problem areas and pass my subsequent exam and even raised re-sat the failed exam at the end of the week to leave with all the qualification I intended to pass."
Phillip Edwards, n/a. - CompTIA A+ (4 dage) (30/6/2014 til 3/7/2014)

"The SEC+ was a fantastic course, led by a top quality and highly knowledgeable instructor. I had a great time and will be back soon."
Emma McMechan, MOD Hereford Garrison. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (28/5/2014 til 30/5/2014)

"The best way to get certified."
Russell Webb, Everards Brewaery Ltd. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (28/5/2014 til 30/5/2014)

"Excellent. Well structured and the support from the tutor was superb."
Mohamed Zameer Noorul Ameen, Plantronics Ltd. - CompTIA Cloud+ (3 dage) (17/3/2014 til 18/3/2014)

"Intense! But is works "
Anonym - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (3/3/2014 til 9/3/2014)

"Intense but the trainer was awesome "
Tom Firth, Don Whitley Scientific. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (3/3/2014 til 9/3/2014)

"This has been a real learning & challenging experience for me! Never done this sort of thing before and has been worth every penny!"
Martin Halford, Self funding . - CompTIA Network+ (3 dage) (3/3/2014 til 9/3/2014)

"The experience has been remarkable. It has been 1 hell of a journey in the course of the period I have been here. It has been amazing with the amount of knowledge you gain from the course & it definitely helped with the way my instructor explained some of this. He made the learning fun, intense and tough all at the same time."
Jack Homard, Clarkson Wright & Jakes . - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (3/3/2014 til 9/3/2014)

"Good Facilities Good training and trainer"
Raj Thakrar, Home Office. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (3/2/2014 til 5/2/2014)

Firebrand Training CompTIA Authorized Partner

Firebrand Training er en autoriseret partner hos CompTIA. Det betyder, at du er garanteret den højeste kvalitet i undervisning og kursusmateriale, som er officielt godkendt af CompTIA.

Springbræt til en karriere i IT:

CompTIA Strata kurset er et ideelt springbræt til en IT karriere på begynder niveau. Mange Strata certifikatindehavere fremmer deres karriere ved at opnå et højere niveau i IT gennem eksempelvis CompTIA A + N + . Med disse kurser vil du kunne søge job som IT-tekniker eller IT Help Desk supporter. Kilde *: IT Jobs Watch

Læs mere ...

Interesseret? Se vores priser her eller ring 88 18 43 20

Vores accelererede CompTIA Strata kursus er den mest effektive måde at blive uddannet og certificeret på.

Vi har designet vores kursusmateriale så det forbereder dig til 2 eksamener, som du tager i løbet af kurset.

Du vil lære det følgende:

Fundamentals of PC Functionality

  • Technology
  • Identify basic IT vocabulary.
  • Identify the risks associated with upgrading the following technologies and equipment.
  • Demonstrate the ability to set up a basic PC workstation
  • Software Installation and Functions
  • Conduct basic software installation, removal and/or upgrading.
  • Identify issues related to folder and file management
  • Explain the function and purpose of software tools
  • Security
  • Recognize basic security risks and procedures to prevent them.
  • Recognize security breaches and ways to resolve them.
  • 3.3 Recognize IT related laws and guidelines

Fundamentals of Technology

  • Computer Hardware
  • Demonstrate the proper use of the following devices:
  • Explain the characteristics and functions of internal and external storage devices
  • Explain the characteristics and functions of peripheral devices
  • Explain the characteristics and functions of core input devices
  • Compatibility Issues and Common Errors
  • Identify basic compatibility issues between:
  • Recognize common operational problems caused by hardware
  • Demonstrate the ability to minimize risks
  • Health, Safety and Preventative Maintenance
  • Recognize safety hazards and identify corresponding guidelines
  • Identify preventative maintenance products, procedures, and how to use them

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I løbet af kurset forbereder vi dig for, og tester dig i, den følgende eksamen:

  • Eksamen FC0-U11: Fundamentals of PC Functionality
  • Eksamen FC0-U21: Fundamentals of Technology

Læs mere ...

Interesseret? Se vores priser her eller ring 88 18 43 20

Firebrand Training tilbyder kvalificerede uddannelses- og certificeringsprogram som inkluderer alt, er enkelt for kunden og udviklet med fokus på de specifikke behov som vores deltagere har. Vi sørger for, at alle detaljer er på plads, så du kun skal fokusere på dine indlærings- og certificeringsmål.

Vores kursus- og certificeringsprogram inkluderer alt med;

  • Praktisk orienteret undervisning som anvender vores Præsentation|Øvelse|Diskussion metodik
  • Omfattende kursusmaterialer og labmanualer
  • Et helt igennem instruktørstyret program med 24 timers adgang til både undervisningslokale, labudstyr og instruktøren
  • Eksamens vouchers og testning på kursuscenteret
  • Overnatninger, samtlige måltider samt adgang til forfriskninger, snacks, kaffe og the
  • Vores certificeringsgaranti som indebærer, at vi giver en uvilkårlig garanti for at du opnår din certificering. Du har ret til at komme tilbage til kurset så mange gange du ønsker, indenfor de første 12 måneder, indtil du har fået din certificering. Det eneste du skal betale er eventuelle nye eksamens- og logiomkostninger
  • Transport til og fra nærmeste lufthavn/togstation både før og efter kurset

Læs mere ...

Interesseret? Se vores priser her eller ring 88 18 43 20

Deltagere som med succes gennemfører vores CompTIA Strata kursus har følgende forkundskaber:

  • En passion for at lære sig ny teknologi

Er du klar til at blive uddannet og certificeret på rekordtid?

Vi interviewer alle potentielle deltagere angående deres baggrund, uddannelser, certificeringer og personlig indstilling. Hvis du kommer igennem denne screeningsprocedure, betyder det, at du har rigtig gode chancer for at bestå.

Firebrand Training tilbyder et ambitiøst uddannelsesmiljø, som forudsætter at du dedikerer dig til kurset. Ovenstående forkundskaber er vejledende; mange deltagere med mindre erfaring, men med en anden baggrund eller færdigheder, har haft succes med accelereret uddannelse hos Firebrand Training.

Hvis du funderer på hvorvidt du opfylder de anbefalede forkundskaber, er du meget velkommen til at ringe til os på 88 18 43 20 og tale med en af vores uddannelsesrådgivere, som kan hjælpe dig.

Interesseret? Se vores priser her eller ring 88 18 43 20