CompTIA Security+ - Kun 3 dage

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Her er 4 gode grunde til at du skal tage Security+ hos Firebrand:

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  1. Du bliver Security+ uddannet og certificeret hurtigere. Du lærer mere på vores 3 dages accelererede kursus og får mindst 12 timers daglig uddannelse i et distraktionsfrit miljø.
  2. Dit Security+ kursus er alt-inklusiv. Du får en gennemskuelig pris, der dækker alle kursusmaterialer, eksamen, overnatning og forplejning. Du skal ikke tænke på andet end at lære.
  3. Bestå Security+ den første gang eller kom tilbage, gratis. Din instruktør er ekspert, og træner dig ud fra accelererede metoder, så du lærer hurtigere og har de bedste muligheder for at bestå eksamen første gang. Men hvis du mod forventning ikke består, er du dækket af vores Certificeringsgaranti.
  4. Tag Security+ hos en prisvindende uddannelsesleverandør. Vi har vundet adskillige udmærkelser heriblandt Microsofts "Årets Learning Partner" hele fem gange og to Børsen Gazelle priser. Firebrand er din hurtigste vej til uddannelse, og vi har sparet 58.898 deltagere for mere end en million spildte timer siden 2001.

Er du klar til kurset? Tag en GRATIS test som hjælper dig med at bedømme din nuværende viden.

Hvornår vil du tage dit accelererede kursus?













Tilgængelige pladser


Tilgængelige pladser


Vi har uddannet over 58.898 personer i løbet af 12 år. Vi har bedt dem alle om at bedømme vores accelererede kurser. Aktuelt har 96,33% sagt, at Firebrand oversteg deres forventninger:

"Another good experience at Firebrand training - will be back for much more!"
Niall Priestley, QFC. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (4/5/2016 til 6/5/2016)

"The training was fantastic, the teacher was incredibly knowledgeable and the whole experience was great. Managed to pass first time. "
R.M, Gamma. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (4/5/2016 til 6/5/2016)

"The Firebrand Sec+ course was well taught."
Anonym - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (4/5/2016 til 6/5/2016)

"The instructor was very good at explaining everything, he went through things I did not understand and was always around to help after the course day ended. Very happy with the course!"
Paul Dunford, MCS. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (4/5/2016 til 6/5/2016)

"Quick and efficient training."
Anonym - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (4/5/2016 til 6/5/2016)

"The course itself had a lot of new material relating to it that I didn't know before, but the instructor made it very easy to learn in an interactive way and to understand, chronologically, the processes that take place within Networking. I'm very surprised at how much I've learnt in such a short space of time - Thank you Firebrand! "
Alasdair Corton, Avalon IT Managed Services. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (13/1/2016 til 15/1/2016)

"A fun, enjoyable & rewarding experience, and I've come away certified. Excellent!"
T.S. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (22/2/2016 til 24/2/2016)

"The instructor was fantastic as per usual. We got a lot done in a short amount of time. If you want to learn a lot in a short amount of time, Firebrand is the place!!"
D.N, Bryant Technologies. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (22/2/2016 til 24/2/2016)

"I came here to study CompTIA Security+. The course was intense and the learning was fast.. The tutor was excellent and tailored the content to examples he knew applied to my job role. Nothing was too much and content was explained and re-explained until I grasped it. The whole set up here is perfectly designed to ensure focus on study and not a lot else. I didn't need to think about anything else other than focusing on learning. This is fast study at its best. "
G.L. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (13/1/2016 til 15/1/2016)

"I recently attended the 3 day Sec+ Course in Wyboston and am happy to give it 5 Stars."
Mark Duran, Hewlett Packard. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (16/11/2015 til 18/11/2015)

"Firebrand is a great way to learn, you take away so much knowledge whether pass or fail. The instructor was especially great on the Sec+ and made the entire course enjoyable and understandable!"
Craig Ezard, Origin Storage Limited. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (16/11/2015 til 18/11/2015)

"Great place to improve skills."
Deepika Bandela, Supplenta. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (16/11/2015 til 18/11/2015)

"The instructors and staff are wonderful, and do everything they can to help you get through your exams. Some of the best training Ive ever had."
S.N. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (16/11/2015 til 18/11/2015)

"The facilities are brilliant, the course instructor was extremely informative and most helpful. I went into the course knowing next to nothing (I am not a very technical person) he helped me anywhere I needed."
V.C, CSC. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (28/9/2015 til 30/9/2015)

"It was a good learning experience and it has helped my knowledge. I have also gained another qualification."
Daniel Stovell, i-Dash. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (3/8/2015 til 5/8/2015)

"While the course material can be quite dense the instructor makes a concise effort to cover the material in an engaging and practical way, avoiding death by PowerPoint. Always a preference. Less One Direction and more 80s pop culture reference preferred as well!"
Stephen Gawler, Prudential. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (3/8/2015 til 5/8/2015)

"Firebrand is a great learning environment where the instructors know the subjects they are teaching and will always go the extra mile to help you."
Ashley Roskell, Cloud Direct. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (3/8/2015 til 5/8/2015)

"Had a great instructor, excellent resources."
Adrian Coughlan, USAF. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (27/5/2015 til 29/5/2015)

"Firebrand provide intense learning that was focused and made to be fun. I would recommend to anyone thinking of a career in IT."
James Wraight, Home Office. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (27/5/2015 til 29/5/2015)

"Loads of energy, loads of motivation. Great back room staff for Pearson issues."
Julian Fargher, MetLife. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (30/3/2015 til 1/4/2015)

"Instructor did an excellent job of presenting the material in a way that tied all of the details together."
Jeff Gamberton. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (30/3/2015 til 1/4/2015)

"Very intense - brain hurts after 2 day abuse!"
Tim Imana, IACS LLP. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (30/3/2015 til 1/4/2015)

"Well structured class and revision."
Rumi Khaira, Bank of England. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (2/2/2015 til 4/2/2015)

"Great training facilities and food! Be prepared to put the work in as intense learning and information overload!"
Jamie Mayes, G4S Forensic and Medical Services. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (2/2/2015 til 4/2/2015)

"A perfect 3 day class to enter the world of IT security."
Benjamin Kornhauser, BP. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (26/11/2014 til 28/11/2014)

"Fun, fast, intense, but worth it!"
Chris Clark, Prospects Services. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (22/9/2014 til 24/9/2014)

"This was my 3rd security and business continuity through Firebrand. CISM, CBCI, and CompTIA Sec+ were all taught by a different instructor. They were consistent in their high quality and able to keep it interesting."
Chris Whyborn, Telent. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (22/9/2014 til 24/9/2014)

"The SEC+ was a fantastic course, led by a top quality and highly knowledgeable instructor. I had a great time and will be back soon."
Emma McMechan, MOD Hereford Garrison. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (28/5/2014 til 30/5/2014)

"The best way to get certified."
Russell Webb, Everards Brewaery Ltd. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (28/5/2014 til 30/5/2014)

"Good Facilities Good training and trainer"
Raj Thakrar, Home Office. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (3/2/2014 til 5/2/2014)

"I came from saudi arabia and i never thought that i will find an environment like this very good quality time with excellent environment"
Abdulaziz Abdulrahman AlAmri, National Information Center Saudi Arabia. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (3/2/2014 til 5/2/2014)

"Good learning envrionment and instructor"
Daniel Dahl, NATO. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (3/2/2014 til 5/2/2014)

"Nice service, nice resort All together a nice stay"
Paris Joergensen, NATO. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (3/2/2014 til 5/2/2014)

"I've attended courses with Firebrand on several occasions. The instructors are fantastic and know their stuff. The other staff make your stay and training an enjoyable experience."
Anonym, MBA Systems - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (3/2/2014 til 5/2/2014)

"A no nonsense approach to getting accredited. Very well presented."
Guy Lidbetter, GDL Technologies LTD. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (29/7/2013 til 31/7/2013)

"Approach is hard and fast providing a good understanding of risks and issues in the world of IT security and its integration into modern practices to support the business."
Justin Marshall, HP. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (29/7/2013 til 31/7/2013)

"I passed! Very happy."
Russell Duddy, Home Office. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (29/7/2013 til 31/7/2013)

"Good instructor and good class mates."
Daniel Anderson, Hewlett Packard. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (29/7/2013 til 31/7/2013)

"Firebrand gets you there quick, through teaching with knowledgeable instructors and a excellent environment ."
Chris Tilmans, Steepconsult. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (29/5/2013 til 31/5/2013)

"Well structured concentrated training, dont have time to get bored and lose interest."
Alex Kresz, Mi-pay LTD. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (29/5/2013 til 31/5/2013)

"The concept of doing this course in 3 days was really appealing although the long days seemed daunting at first, I can assure you it is not as bad as I though. I have really enjoyed the last few days and have learnt a lot."
Sam Ayres. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (25/3/2013 til 27/3/2013)

"Will be back for more, the only way to get qualitifed and keep up to speed."
Jason Clark, Proximex. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (4/2/2013 til 6/2/2013)

"1st class instructor, made the course enjoyable with his knowledge and passion"
John Mushet. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (4/2/2013 til 6/2/2013)

"Firebrand training on Security+ was a great experience, long training days and hard work required to do well but manages to fit in everything within the 3 days so you are ready for the exam."
Pearce Hamblin, Cohort Technology Ltd. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (10/12/2012 til 12/12/2012)

"The course is very intensive so pays to do plenty of pre-reading. The course itself is excellent, and the instructors knowledge of the subject really helps."
A.H. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (10/12/2012 til 12/12/2012)

"A full on three day training course that really helped me feel like I had got the extra push to pass the exam."
Chris Lewis, IBM. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (29/8/2012 til 31/8/2012)

"Great atmosphere for learning, staff was very helpful, and the instructor excellent"
Julian Brown, IBM. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (29/8/2012 til 31/8/2012)

"High quality course, well led and in a very happy environment"
Sery Singh, IBM. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (29/8/2012 til 31/8/2012)

"Very enjoyable and would recommend to colleagues"
Lee Brand, IBM. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (29/8/2012 til 31/8/2012)

"The training course has proven useful. It makes it easier to learn from the book when you have been given an overview and an explanation about the overall subjects. You can then privately review and learn more about the areas that you are not too sure about. I would recommend the course to people who feel that they would thrive off the immersion environment. Being away from work and even family/friends can prove useful to fully concentrate. Also, the long days arent as bad as they sound!"
Alex Warner, Cohort Technology. - CompTIA Security+ (3 dage) (27/8/2012 til 29/8/2012)

Firebrand Training CompTIA Authorized Partner

Firebrand Training er autoriseret partner hos CompTIA. Det betyder, at du er garanteret den højeste kvalitet af undervisning og kursusmateriale, som alle er officielt godkendte af CompTIA.

Målet med dette tre-dages accelererede kursus er at give IT-folk viden og færdigheder, der er nødvendige for at dokumentere en bred viden om sikkerhedsspørgsmål og udføre daglige sikkerheds opgaver.

Security+ er udviklet med input fra erhvervslivet, det offentlige, den akademiske verden og front-line praktikere og omfatter af en bred vifte af sikkerhedsområder.

Denne certificering er designet til folk med baggrund indenfor computere og netværk. Den typiske Security + kandidat vil arbejde i en netværks- eller system administrationsposition eller er på vej mod en sådan position efter afsluttet bachelor-grad.

Læs mere ...

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Vores accelererede CompTIA Security+ kursus er den mest effektive måde at blive uddannet og certificeret på.

Vi har designet vores kursusmateriale så det forbereder dig til din eksamen, som du tager i løbet af kurset.

Du vil lære det følgende:

1.0 Network Security

  • 1.1 Implement security configuration parameters on network devices and other technologies.
  • 1.2 Given a scenario, use secure network administration principles.
  • 1.3 Explain network design elements and components.
  • 1.4 Given a scenario, implement common protocols and services.
  • 1.5 Given a scenario, troubleshoot security issues related to wireless networking.

2.0 Compliance and Operational Security

  • 2.1 Explain the importance of risk related concepts.
  • 2.2 Summarize the security implications of integrating systems and data with third parties.
  • 2.3 Given a scenario, implement appropriate risk mitigation strategies.
  • 2.4 Given a scenario, implement basic forensic procedures.
  • 2.5 Summarize common incident response procedures.
  • 2.6 Explain the importance of security related awareness and training.
  • 2.7 Compare and contrast physical security and environmental controls.
  • 2.8 Summarize risk management best practices.
  • 2.9 Given a scenario, select the appropriate control to meet the goals of security.

3.0 Threats and Vulnerabilities

  • 3.1 Explain types of malware.
  • 3.2 Summarize various types of attacks.
  • 3.3 Summarize social engineering attacks and the associated effectiveness with each attack.
  • 3.4 Explain types of wireless attacks.
  • 3.5 Explain types of application attacks.
  • 3.6 Analyze a scenario and select the appropriate type of mitigation and deterrent techniques.
  • 3.7 Given a scenario, use appropriate tools and techniques to discover security threats and vulnerabilities.
  • 3.8 Explain the proper use of penetration testing versus vulnerability scanning.

4.0 Application, Data and Host Security

  • 4.1 Explain the importance of application security controls and techniques.
  • 4.2 Summarize mobile security concepts and technologies.
  • 4.3 Given a scenario, select the appropriate solution to establish host security.
  • 4.4 Implement the appropriate controls to ensure data security.
  • 4.5 Compare and contrast alternative methods to mitigate security risks in static environments.

5.0 Access Control and Identity Management

  • 5.1 Compare and contrast the function and purpose of authentication services.
  • 5.2 Given a scenario, select the appropriate authentication, authorization or access control.
  • 5.3 Install and configure security controls when performing account management, based on best practices.

6.0 Cryptography

  • 6.1 Given a scenario, utilize general cryptography concepts.
  • 6.2 Given a scenario, use appropriate cryptographic methods.
  • 6.3 Given a scenario, use appropriate PKI, certificate management and associated components.

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I løbet af kurset forbereder vi dig for, og tester dig i, den følgende eksamen:

  • Exam - SY0-401

Security+ Eksamen SY0-401 indeholder op til 90 spørgsmål som skal besvares indenfor 90 minutter. For at bestå skal der opnås minimum 750, på en skala fra 100 - 900. Test resultatet vil fremgå så snart du har gennemført eksamen.

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Firebrand Training tilbyder kvalificerede uddannelses- og certificeringsprogram som inkluderer alt, er enkelt for kunden og udviklet med fokus på de specifikke behov som vores deltagere har. Vi sørger for, at alle detaljer er på plads, så du kun skal fokusere på dine indlærings- og certificeringsmål.

Vores kursus- og certificeringsprogram inkluderer alt med;

  • Praktisk orienteret undervisning som anvender vores Præsentation|Øvelse|Diskussion metodik
  • Omfattende kursusmaterialer og labmanualer
  • Et helt igennem instruktørstyret program med 24 timers adgang til både undervisningslokale, labudstyr og instruktøren
  • Eksamens voucher og testning på kursuscenteret
  • Overnatninger, samtlige måltider samt adgang til forfriskninger, snacks, kaffe og the
  • Vores certificeringsgaranti som indebærer, at vi giver en uvilkårlig garanti for at du opnår din certificering. Du har ret til at komme tilbage til kurset så mange gange du ønsker, indenfor de første 12 måneder, indtil du har fået din certificering. Det eneste du skal betale er eventuelle nye eksamens- og logiomkostninger
  • Transport til og fra nærmeste lufthavn/togstation både før og efter kurset

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Deltagere som med succes gennemfører vores CompTIA Security+ kursus har følgende forkundskaber:

  • MS-DOS og Windows erfaring, Windows 2000 og/eller XP foretrækkes
  • Kan identificere grundlæggende komponenter i et netværk og deres funktioner, inklusive routere, hubs, switches og filservere
  • Grundlæggende forståelse af OSI modellen og TCP/IP

Er du klar til dit Firebrand Kursus?

Vi interviewer alle potentielle deltagere angående deres baggrund, uddannelser, certificeringer og personlig indstilling. Hvis du kommer igennem denne screeningsprocedure, betyder det, at du har rigtig gode chancer for at bestå.

Firebrand Training tilbyder et ambitiøst uddannelsesmiljø, som forudsætter at du dedikerer dig til kurset. Ovenstående forkundskaber er vejledende; mange deltagere med mindre erfaring, men med en anden baggrund eller færdigheder, har haft succes med accelereret uddannelse hos Firebrand Training.

Hvis du funderer på hvorvidt du opfylder de anbefalede forkundskaber, er du meget velkommen til at ringe til os på 88 18 43 20 og tale med en af vores uddannelsesrådgivere, som kan hjælpe dig.

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