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Her er 4 gode grunde til at du skal tage A+ & Network+ hos Firebrand Training:

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  1. Du bliver A+ & Network+ uddannet og certificeret hurtigere. Du lærer mere på vores 7 dages accelererede kursus og får mindst 12 timers daglig uddannelse i et distraktionsfrit miljø.
  2. Dit A+ & Network+ kursus er alt-inklusiv. Du får en gennemskuelig pris, der dækker alle kursusmaterialer, eksamen, overnatning og forplejning. Du skal ikke tænke på andet end at lære.
  3. Bestå A+ & Network+ den første gang eller kom tilbage, gratis. Din instruktør er ekspert, og træner dig ud fra accelererede metoder, så du lærer hurtigere og har de bedste muligheder for at bestå eksamen første gang. Men hvis du mod forventning ikke består, er du dækket af vores Certificeringsgaranti.
  4. Tag A+ & Network+ hos en prisvindende uddannelsesleverandør. Vi har vundet adskillige udmærkelser heriblandt Microsofts "Årets Learning Partner" hele fire gange i træk og to Børsen Gazelle priser. Firebrand er din hurtigste vej til uddannelse, og vi har sparet 57.517 deltagere for mere end en million spildte timer siden 2001.

Er du klar til kurset? Tag en GRATIS test som hjælper dig med at bedømme din nuværende viden.

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Tilgængelige pladser


Tilgængelige pladser


Vi har uddannet over 57.517 personer i løbet af 12 år. Vi har bedt dem alle om at bedømme vores accelererede kurser. Aktuelt har 96,33% sagt, at Firebrand oversteg deres forventninger:

"The instructor was excellent. A friendly and knowledgeable instructor with a perfect balance between humour, content and approachability. "
Matthew Parry, On Direct business Services Ltd. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (26/10/2015 til 1/11/2015)

"I had a fantastic week with Firebrand - learnt a lot made some contacts and look forward to my next course!"
Ricardo Iadicicco. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (26/10/2015 til 1/11/2015)

"Intense training with great, thorough instructing. Would recommend to anyone and everyone interested in IT."
Casey Smith, Jolly IT. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (26/10/2015 til 1/11/2015)

"It's been an excellent course. Phil was a very knowledgeable instructor and was very helpful with any questions that were raised. Thank you for a very interactive week!"
Daniel Wright, MidlandHR. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (26/10/2015 til 1/11/2015)

"If you're up for a challenge and love IT this is the place for you. Firebrand has a wide range of courses and apprenticeships providing an entry point in IT for anyone that is determined in improving/expanding their skill set. You'll also have a laugh as the personnel is amazing and very supportive."
A.P, Network support engineer. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (26/10/2015 til 1/11/2015)

"I have done 3 courses with firebrand so far and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to certify in IT. The environment was clean and tidy, and everything was provided for. The Instructors knew there topics inside out and could explain anything without any hesitation or having to look elsewhere for the answer, or a "i'll come back to you on that". The information was given in a way that was easy to understand at any level of competency or prior knowledge and they didn't mind going over the same topic multiple times if needed even at 10pm! Courseware was provided and was of a good standard in advance of the course so you could prepare if you feel you needed too. Materials and equipment provided on the course were also very good. The accommodation was more than adequate and i can honestly say i did not go hungry as three course meals were provided three times a day. All in all, the only thing you need to do is turn up. Thank you Firebrand. "
Anonym - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (26/10/2015 til 1/11/2015)

"I wasn't expecting much of myself when i signed up to the accelerated learning course. I thought cramming all the information needed into such a small amount of time would be too much for me to handle, and that I'd start worrying and never actually pass the exams. Fortunately, Firebrand are as good as they say they are. My instructor helped me to get an understanding of the areas of IT that I didn't really have a grasp on. I found the classes to be incredibly well planned, and that there wasn't actually too much information being crammed into me. The instructor is a great guy, and I'm incredibly thankful to both him and Firebrand for getting me through these exams. I quite simply couldn't have done it without them."
Toby Griffin, Addooco IT Ltd.. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (26/10/2015 til 1/11/2015)

"The teacher was amazing! Without him all this info would be lost!"
Anonym, Unknown - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (15/8/2015 til 21/8/2015)

"The Firebrand experience is like entering a totally different world. For me it was even more important/enjoyable talking with the other Delegates about different aspects of work that the average person cannot understand."
Anonym - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (15/8/2015 til 21/8/2015)

"The teaching was very thorough & met the exact needs of my current role. Very professional."
Anonym - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (15/8/2015 til 21/8/2015)

"Good food, good accommodation. FAST great quality of teaching, engaging fun classes."
Anonym - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (15/8/2015 til 21/8/2015)

"Wow! A massive pat on the back to firebrand here. How do you manage to fit all the contents of these two courses in to a week? Must be down to the excellent training facilities and superhuman instructor. "
Daniel Atkinson, Workflow Solutions. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (29/6/2015 til 5/7/2015)

"It was a good training experience and I learnt loads."
Dan Stovell, i-dash. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (29/6/2015 til 5/7/2015)

"Firebrand Training is ideal for those who want an intensive training course in preparation to acquiring industry certification in a helpful environment."
L.D., Jolly IT Solutions. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (29/6/2015 til 5/7/2015)

"The experience has been great, the staff have been friendly and kind and always available to help you if you are having trouble. The instructor will always go the extra mile to assist you with the course and provide incite into what you should do next if you are trying to get into a specific field."
Ashley Roskell. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (29/6/2015 til 5/7/2015)

"Excellent and comfortable learning Environment, with extremely dedicated and knowledgeable instructors. Who go the extra mile to impart their knowledge at a very impressive rate and level."
A.L.. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (29/6/2015 til 5/7/2015)

"A great place to study with great support from instructors and staff alike."
Martin Smyth, MOD. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (2/3/2015 til 8/3/2015)

"As a young adult entering the would of IT this course has provided me with a very strong foundation to build on. I would recommend this course to anyone in a similar situation"
Thomas Leigh, Self Funded. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (12/1/2015 til 18/1/2015)

"Its not easy but it is amazingly rewarding! Instructor was brilliant and incredibly knowledgeable."
Nicole Keeley, Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (12/1/2015 til 18/1/2015)

"The training was fast and furious! The instructor was infectious, but you need to remain focused."
Roy Jameson, MOD - RAF Air Command. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (8/12/2014 til 14/12/2014)

"Helped me focus and had the support of Firebrand trainer on hand to help me whenever it was needed."
Robert Panton, N/A. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (18/8/2014 til 24/8/2014)

"Intense! But is works "
Anonym - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (3/3/2014 til 9/3/2014)

"Intense but the trainer was awesome "
Tom Firth, Don Whitley Scientific. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (3/3/2014 til 9/3/2014)

"The experience has been remarkable. It has been 1 hell of a journey in the course of the period I have been here. It has been amazing with the amount of knowledge you gain from the course & it definitely helped with the way my instructor explained some of this. He made the learning fun, intense and tough all at the same time."
Jack Homard, Clarkson Wright & Jakes . - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (3/3/2014 til 9/3/2014)

"Use your time wisely get a good balance of study and rest and you will achieve success."
Oliver Bush, Adler & Allan. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (13/1/2014 til 19/1/2014)

"A really informative and well thought course that will gain a lot from as long as you are prepared to immerse yourself"
Stuart Thompson, Clive Owen. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (13/1/2014 til 19/1/2014)

"Coming from a field completely different to IT meant that i began with a bare knowledge of 0. The course does exactly what is offered, in less than a week I was able to gain an understanding of computers that takes many people years to acquire. The accommodation location paired with 24hr access to the site were very conductive for learning and the teaching was of high standard."
Joshua Jacob, M&J Medway Ltd.. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (13/1/2014 til 19/1/2014)

"My experience at Firebrand has been amazing. A great bunch of people accompanied by great trainers!"
Joseph Ross, na. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (13/1/2014 til 19/1/2014)

"Highly recommend to everyone. Firebrand gives you a high level training. Team members are very friendly and helpful"
Gabor Villas, Vector Projects Associates Ltd. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (13/1/2014 til 19/1/2014)

"for a short time you focus on nothing but education it is like uni - you'll love this."
Michael Douglas, .. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (18/11/2013 til 24/11/2013)

"Focus work hard and Firebrand will provide you with all you need to succeed."
Jacob Fredrickson, .. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (18/11/2013 til 24/11/2013)

"Highly intensive, highly recommend. "
Anonym, FCO - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (16/9/2013 til 22/9/2013)

"The instructor is awesome - makes the subject very engaging"
D.B, Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (16/9/2013 til 22/9/2013)

"Intense and really enjoyable"
Anonym - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (16/9/2013 til 22/9/2013)

"Intensive consolidated effort really helps with learning. Very fast pace, trainer very knowledgeable, approachable and interesting. "
D.B, Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (16/9/2013 til 22/9/2013)

"An intense training course but good way to learn"
W.G. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (16/9/2013 til 22/9/2013)

"An intensive enjoyable course with great staff to help achieve your goals. Just come prepared!!!! "
Niki Davies, NJD Projects. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (15/7/2013 til 21/7/2013)

"I learnt a huge amount of practical information, and not only gained qualifications, but the knowledge I will be able to put to practical use."
Matt Hartley, Cliff College. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (15/7/2013 til 21/7/2013)

"Good Knowledge, has filled in gaps. Definitely helps on the way to getting certificates. "
Daniel Cope, Dar-Al-Handusah. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (15/7/2013 til 21/7/2013)

"Fast paced but worth it if you are objective and goal orientated ."
Kumal Ghera, K j pike and sons. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (20/5/2013 til 26/5/2013)

"I highly recommend prereading as it's a fast paced course and will help enormously. Enjoy!"
Keziah Short, FCO. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (4/3/2013 til 10/3/2013)

"Food was good, Instructors are friendly and knowledgable"
Matthew Rowe, na. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (12/1/2013 til 18/1/2013)

"Firebrand a delightful training centre, amazing food and amazing teachers! A brillient course for those who want to train quickly and intensly Thank you for all my new skills :)"
Sapna Parmer, FCO. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (12/1/2013 til 18/1/2013)

"The quickest route to a good quallification."
Andrew Moore, Poundworld Retail Ltd. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (12/1/2013 til 18/1/2013)

"Very straight and informative way to learn alot in a short time. I recommend Firebrand as a way to learn in a fun way."
JOHN CONWAY, unemployed. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (12/1/2013 til 18/1/2013)

Jamie Wheatcroft, FCO. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (12/1/2013 til 18/1/2013)

"It was extremely informative, condensed and well structured, all the staff are friendly and really informative, I would definitely recommend to anyone wishing to take any IT qualifications"
Claire Baron, FCO. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (12/1/2013 til 18/1/2013)

"Our instructor, was unquestionably one of the most knowledgeable people I have come across in the world of communications, both in radio / satellite and in I.T and networking, over a period of 24 years. "
M.B, HM Forces. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (3/9/2012 til 9/9/2012)

B.M, military. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (19/3/2012 til 25/3/2012)

"Teaching, accommodation and atmosphere lovely"
Anon.. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 dage) (6/2/2012 til 12/2/2012)

Firebrand Training CompTIA Authorized Partner

Firebrand Training er autoriseret partner hos CompTIA. Det betyder, at du er garanteret den højeste kvalitet af undervisning og kursusmateriale, som er officielt godkendt af CompTIA.

Målet med dette syv-dages accelererede kursus er at give IT-folk de grundlæggende hardware, software og netværks færdigheder, der er nødvendige for at fungere i forskellige IT-stillinger. CompTIA A + / Network + Certification er den førende akkreditering, der validerer de færdigheder, der kræves for at udmærke sig i rollen som computer tekniker eller supportmedarbejder. CompTIA A + / Network + certificeringen viser, at en person har viden og færdigheder, der er nødvendige for at konfigurere og betjene en bred vifte af netværksprodukter.

Vores kombi kursus med A + og Network + certificeringer bakkes op af store computer hardware-og softwareleverandører, distributører, forhandlere og publikationer.

Firebrand Training’s CompTIA A + / Network + certificering giver dig mulighed for at fordybe dig i CompTIA eksamenerne på vores kursuscenter.

Vores kursus leveres i et distraktions-frit miljø med on-site indkvartering, hvor læseplanen er tilpasset specielt til accelereret læring. Vores instruktører er cross-certificerede branchefolk (fra kendte forfattere til ledende IT-konsulenter) med omfattende praktisk viden, som effektivt inddrages i kurset.

Instruktørerne er tilgængelige på alle tidspunkter for at yde hjælp til individuelle og grupper, samt lede lab øvelser og praksis sessioner, og sikre at de studerende oplever succes. Vores kvalitetsbevidsthed ses i vores uovertrufne instruktion og kundeservice, vores klasseværelsesmiljø og faciliteter, samt vores individuelle og virksomheds referencer som du finder her på siden.

Firebrand Training er den bedste måde at få din A+ & N+ certificering. Andre kursusudbydere kan ikke matche vores forpligtelse til kvalitet, instruktions-ledede træning og førende uddannelsesmæssige faciliteter.

Du kan også tage CompTIA A+ eller Network+ certificeringerne, på vores individuelle accelerererede kurser.

Læs mere ...

Interesseret? Se vores priser her eller ring 88 18 43 20

Vores accelererede CompTIA A+/Network+ kursus er den mest effektive måde at blive uddannet og certificeret på.

Vi har designet vores kursusmateriale så det forbereder dig til 4 eksamener, som du tager i løbet af kurset.

Du vil lære det følgende:

Personal Computer components

  • Motherboards
  • Processors
  • Memory
  • Storage devices
  • Peripheral devices
  • Sound and video devices
  • Power supplies
  • Laptops and portable devices

Operating systems

  • Windows versions and features
  • Installing and upgrading windows
  • Windows administrative tools
  • Windows disk and file management
  • Configuring windows
  • Optimising windows
  • Operational Procedures
  • Communication and professionalism
  • Troubleshooting techniques
  • Safety and environmental issues
  • Security

Mobile devices

  • Basic features of mobile operating systems
  • Hardware differences
  • Securing mobile devices

Installation, troubleshooting and maintenance

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Installing and configuring components
  • Windows startup and recovery
  • Troubleshooting windows
  • Troubleshooting components
  • Upgrading and troubleshooting laptops

Networks and printing

  • Networking fundamentals
  • Installing and configuring local networks
  • File sharing and data security
  • Configuring Internet access
  • Troubleshooting network links
  • Troubleshooting network applications
  • Configuring malware protection
  • Printers

How networks work

  • The OSI 7 layer model
  • The TCP/IP model

Network Media

  • Coaxial cable
  • Twisted-pair cabling
  • Optical fiber
  • Wireless media types

Network topologies and standards

  • The bus topology and Ethernet
  • The star bus topology
  • Ring and other topologies

Network Hardware

  • Network interfaces
  • Repeaters hubs and bridges
  • Switched Ethernet
  • Connecting Ethernet segments
  • Routers
  • Wireless access points


  • The TCP/IP Protocol suite
  • IPv4 addressing
  • CIDR and subnetting
  • IPv6 addressing
  • Domain name system


  • Routing tables
  • Network address translation
  • Dynamic routing


  • Virtual lans
  • Virtual computing
  • Virtualisation in modern networks

Wide Area Networking

  • Telephony and beyond
  • The last mile (DSL etc)
  • Using Remote access

Network Security

  • Common threats
  • Securing user accounts
  • Firewalls
  • Securing remote connections

The complete network

  • Designing and implementing a SOHO network
  • Implementing a wireless network
  • Specialised network devices
  • Network configuration management

Troubleshooting networks

  • The troubleshooting process
  • Troubleshooting network hardware
  • Testing equipment

Network utilities and optimisation

  • TCP/IP utilities
  • Troubleshooting network performance
  • Monitoring networks

Læs mere ...

Interesseret? Se vores priser her eller ring 88 18 43 20


Vi er sikre på, at du vil bestå din certificering første gang. Men hvis du mod forventning ikke skulle gøre det, kan du indenfor et år komme tilbage, deltage på hele kurset, og kun betale for eventuelle overnatninger og dine eksamener. Alt andet er gratis.

I løbet af kurset forbereder vi dig for, og tester dig i, de følgende eksamener:

  • Eksamen 220-801: A+ Essential
  • Eksamen 220-802: A+ Practical Application
  • Eksamen N10-006: Network+

Eksamens spørgsmål kan opdeles i to grupper: Kendskab til Netværksteknologi og kendskab til netværkspraksis. Eksamen består af 65 til 100 spørgsmål og skal gennemføres indenfor 120 minutter.

Læs mere ...

Interesseret? Se vores priser her eller ring 88 18 43 20

Firebrand Training tilbyder kvalificerede uddannelses- og certificeringsprogram som inkluderer alt, er enkelt for kunden og udviklet med fokus på de specifikke behov som vores deltagere har. Vi sørger for, at alle detaljer er på plads, så du kun skal fokusere på dine indlærings- og certificeringsmål.

Vores kursus- og certificeringsprogram inkluderer alt med;

  • Praktisk orienteret undervisning som anvender vores Præsentation|Øvelse|Diskussion metodik
  • Omfattende kursusmaterialer og labmanualer
  • Et helt igennem instruktørstyret program med 24 timers adgang til både undervisningslokale, labudstyr og instruktøren
  • Eksamens vouchers og testning på kursuscenteret
  • Overnatninger, samtlige måltider samt adgang til forfriskninger, snacks, kaffe og the
  • Vores certificeringsgaranti som indebærer, at vi giver en uvilkårlig garanti for at du opnår din certificering. Du har ret til at komme tilbage til kurset så mange gange du ønsker, indenfor de første 12 måneder, indtil du har fået din certificering. Det eneste du skal betale er eventuelle nye eksamens- og logiomkostninger

Læs mere ...

Interesseret? Se vores priser her eller ring 88 18 43 20

Deltagere som med succes gennemfører vores CompTIA A+/Network+ kursus har følgende forkundskaber:

Firebrand recommend you possess:

  • Experience building a computer and setting up devices in Windows OS
  • Knowledge of home networks (ISP connection)
  • Familiarity of the Windows desktop Environment (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8)
  • 6-12 months hands-on experience in the lab or field

Er du klar til at blive uddannet og certificeret på rekordtid?

Vi interviewer alle potentielle deltagere angående deres baggrund, uddannelser, certificeringer og personlig indstilling. Hvis du kommer igennem denne screeningsprocedure, betyder det, at du har rigtig gode chancer for at bestå.

Firebrand Training tilbyder et ambitiøst uddannelsesmiljø, som forudsætter at du dedikerer dig til kurset. Ovenstående forkundskaber er vejledende; mange deltagere med mindre erfaring, men med en anden baggrund eller færdigheder, har haft succes med accelereret uddannelse hos Firebrand Training.

Hvis du funderer på hvorvidt du opfylder de anbefalede forkundskaber, er du meget velkommen til at ringe til os på 88 18 43 20 og tale med en af vores uddannelsesrådgivere, som kan hjælpe dig.

Interesseret? Se vores priser her eller ring 88 18 43 20